$6,200.00 — $19,000.00

Ever since Ned Overend pulled up to the start line on our first full suspension cross country race bike, Epics have rocketed more racers to the top of the podium than any other full suspension XC bike. Now with a smarter, tougher, more responsive Brain shock and a stiffer, lighter frame, the new race-focused Epic cuts the time between starting line and victory even shorter.

A completely redesigned Brain shock on the Epic brings a firmer platform, more supple action in the rough stuff, and a smoother transition between modes. It’s also our most robust Brain ever. So robust, that not only did we extend the service intervals on the air sleeve and damper, we’re also including two years of annual Brain service on every new Epic sold to ensure each and every bike performs at a World Cup-caliber level.


The only shock that knows the difference between rider input and trail input, Brain has long set the standard for full-suspension pedaling efficiency. Its Inertia Valve is able to cycle between open and locked out in a fraction of a second, offering a firm pedaling platform when needed, and plush, capable travel when necessary, all without the distraction of a lockout lever.

Re-engineered for the new Epic, the new Brain suspension platform resets the expectation for efficiency, ensuring every watt is translated into forward motion, while soaking up momentum-killing chatter and big hits alike, all more smoothly than ever.

Centered around a firmer race-tuned pedaling platform, the Brain’s new Rx XC Tune, developed with close input from Specialized Racing athletes, is even more responsive to pedaling input while improved damper adjustability allows racers to meter out travel exactly to their liking with air-spring tunability.

In store and available to demo in medium and large (small and XL coming soon).  Call us to book it now.


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