$6,900.00 — $19,000.00

Crossing the finish line first isn’t the only way to worship at the altar of speed. When it comes to ripping backcountry miles and railing endless singletrack with ruthless efficiency, the Epic EVO—with its purebred Epic speed, tuned suspension, increased travel and trail-tweaked geo—is your crazy-fast riding partner.

While both the new Epic and Epic EVO feature longer, lower and slacker geometry, EpicEVO takes things one step further with a 66.5-degree head angle and flip chip adjustability to further dial in the ride. On top of that, a metric shock out back gets our completely custom Rx-Tune treatment on every model of Epic EVO for a completely balanced suspension on all-day singletrack missions.

In store and available to demo in medium and large (small and XL coming soon).  Call us to book it now.


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