Set in the majestic Karri and Marri forests amidst gigantic trees and spectacular scenery, coupled with enough diverse trails to satisfy complete novices right through to expert riders, the Margaret River trails have quickly become arguably the State’s best riding destination.

With now three trail networks, Creek Trails, Compartment 10 and The Pines all linked via the Wandandi rail track, there are hours of sweet riding to be enjoyed.

Post ride, the choices are endless; head to a brewery for a refuelling lunch and craft beer, enjoy the spectacular beaches for a swim, or do some winery hopping to find the perfect bottle with which to while away the afternoon.

Mix of the best

This ride will take you through the manicured singletrack of Compartment 10, the berms of Aunt Lou in the Pines and the tighter single track of Outer Rim and The Kessel Run to the north. A longer loop, this is perfect for people looking to get a ride closer to an hour without any double up of trails. If you join it with The Creek Trails ride, it will make for a solid 2-hour ride.

From the carpark at Warncliffe Mill head up through Compartment 10 on Cut Cork, A River Somewhere and High Horse to the top of Line Managers. From here head into the pines to and make your way out into the open area of freshly logged pines.  Using the access roads head north to get to the Outer Rim. This is mainly fire road but will join on to Princess Leia and the single track flows nicely along It’s a Trap and Kessel Run keep on this until you get back to Fly Casual and head back into the Pines along Fox Road. From here turned on to Unnamed Road and then into Mister Nice which will flow through Aunt Lou and the Lily Trail, a sweeping, twisting turning mass of berms that will have you grinning from ear to ear. From here take Whoop Whoop, beginning at The End and then turn left on the fire road back to the top of Line Managers.

From the top, Puglsey and Rock and Root are a great way to get across to Big Pine. From the bottom of Big Pine you can head back to the car park or cross over Carters Road to do the Creek Trails.


Creek Trails - South Carters Road

The original and the best! Beautifully handcrafted single track without a machine in sight! The trails start with a bit of climbing but this is just some effort for the reward that is coming. The trails are marked making it an easy loop. Head up the Entry Trail and then the unnamed fire road to The Creek Trail.  At the bottom turn right to head back around to Triple Jump and Little Uluru.

This will bring you back onto the Creek Trail but this time take From the Creek to the Valley on to Discontent, Brides Nighty, Snake Balls and Bullant.  There are other trail options so just keep riding around in loops and discover these great trails in the picturesque natural forest.

Classic Creek Trails on

Compartment 10

Compartment 10 needs to be explored and enjoyed thoroughly. To do this you should set about ticking off every trail on the map. Its that simple. Ride them all and decide which ones you like best and go back and do them again and again and again. So you just need one map and a pen and you are on your way.


Borunup Forest

Borunup Forest information will be available soon.