The proximity to Perth, easy to navigate maps and signs, and beautiful, varying terrain make the Kalamunda Trail Network our top pick for the best riding near Perth. Most of our suggested rides start and finish at the Calamunda Camel Farm car park.

Whilst the main 22km loop, the Kalamunda Circuit may be challenging for beginners it is definitely doable, with B lines on all difficult obstacles and there are several shortcuts. For moderate to advanced riders, the circuit is full of super fun, flowy single track. From the top of Mt Gungin there are several awesome downhill tracks to add onto the loop – our favourite are Judderbars and Mercury Street. Post ride you can head into the Kalamunda town for a fabulous coffee and breakfast.

The Classic Kalamunda Circuit

The original Kalamunda Circuit takes (22km) is a great ride that offers a bit of everything. It will also help you to get familiar with the trail network. Use the Camel Farm as the starting point and head out towards Joey’s Line; this will offer a bit of a warm up before you get to Camakazi. After the rough and tumble of Camakazi you will be able to enjoy the great flow of x-files and FJs. Heading in this direction means you get the best of everything in the right direction. Over time you will learn that there are plenty of ways to short cut or extend this trail out depending on how you feel.

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The Easy Camel Farm loop

12km estimated ride time 1 hour 

From The Camel Farm, head back out the main gate of the camel farm and cross the road heading south on to Camel Train to the Black Stump Carpark. This loop will take you along the green trails to the Dell and then climb up to the top of Mt Gungin (consider using Drago as the way up it’s much easier). From the top of Mt Gungin the trail descends on some of the most fun trails in the network, Muffin Tops and Horny Devil before returning you to the Black Stump.

Once back at the Black Stump retrace your steps back to the Camel Farm for a cold drink and to tell the tales from your epic ride.

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Easy beginners loop

7km estimated ride time 40 minutes.

Head back out the main gate of The Camel Farm and cross the road heading south onto Camel Train to the Black Stump Carpark. From here it is fire road to the start of Tangaroo Kick and then on to Flaccid Ashbback. Flaccid Ashback offers a green trail all the way down to the dell but for a shorter loop turn right onto Gridlocked. Gridlocked climbs back up to Gotty snobble and from the bottom of here retrace your steps back to the Black Stump and then the Camel Farm.

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Medium loop from the Camel Farm

24km – 1.5 hours

This loop requires some fitness and experience.  Head out from the Camel Farm on Joey’s line, continuing on some great trails including Camakazi, FJ, Metasoma and our favourite, Mercury Street before returning on the new green trail Gridlocked.  It has a good mix of single track fun and provides a great ride to improve the fitness.

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Feral Groove

For a totally different perspective park at the Feral Grove car park further along Mundaring Weir road. The trails from here offer something totally different with more man-made structured berms and an extra level of technical riding, while still maintaining the blue rating. There is also the chance to include a few black trail options along the way.

Start with an easy cruise on Up Up & Away and then enjoy the Scorpion trail with its railway sleeper berms offering plenty of flow. Once you hit the bottom of the hill take the Highway to Dell up to Metasoma and then cross Mundaring Weir Road to Brand New Second Hand, Drago and the dreaded Mother-in-law.

From the top of Mount Gungin you have 3 trail options to head down; Judderbars and Lazarus are blue, or Loco En El Coco which is Black (Difficult). All three join on to Alchemy and return you to the same crossing point of Mundaring Weir Road. Cross back over and take Lube Me up as your last climb of the day before flying down Feral Groove to finish the ride. As you get to know the trails you will learn that it is easy to add in extra repeats of anyone of these descents on this ride.

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Kalamunda 50/50

The Kalamunda 50/50 is our creation.  Designed to offer an event close to Perth that takes in the best single track in a great event format.  The race start/finish is based at the Core Cider House in Pickering Brook offering an idyllic setting in amongst the apple orchards and wineries.  Each year the race circuit is varied slightly to offer something different for riders.  The one thing that we do make certain is that there is always as much single track as we can possibly manage and the race is always designed to be a great challenge and a whole lot of fun.  The year’s race course is always kept a closely guarded secret but here is last year’s race course.  Have fun!

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