Langford Park in Jarrahdale is a perfect destination for beginner and advanced riders alike.

The flowy singletrack with minimal climbing is a great introduction to people just getting used to the sport and can be super fast for those with experience. In addition, there are free gas BBQ’s and picnic tables to make a day of it. The old timber town’s local store serves up a legendary Jarrahdale burger or check out the superb wines on offer at Millbrook winery.

The traditional 12 hour loop

A longer loop of approximately 12km it takes in just about everything Langford park has to offer. This loop will give you plenty of fun singletrack as well as the very little climbing that exists.

Traditional 12 Hour loop on

Jarrahdale beginners loop

A shorter loop that still offers plenty of fun but with less distance. This offers a better loop for beginners who are looking to progress their skills without the distance thrown in. There is still plenty of fun singletrack to test your skills.

Beginner Loop on

Jarrahdale, very easy beginners loop

This loop is perfect for someone who wants to build their confidence with a small amount of singletrack in a short loop. Starting by riding up to the centre fire road loop of Lovers Lane the ride then finshes by looping back on to the end of Woodley’s Loop for a brief taste of some of the great single track riding that is available at Langford Park. If you feel comfortable with this than try out some of the other recommended trails in Langford Park.

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