The Goatfarm could be described as a misunderstood gem.

The Goatfarm was the first trail network to get some serious money thrown at it by the government and has been used as a bit of a testing ground for trail building. While it doesn’t get the attention of the Kalamunda Circuit and doesn’t have the same length of the trail, it offers a great opportunity to improve your skills. It is fair to say that while there are green and blue trails here it is more difficult than most other trail networks because of the steeper climbs and descents. However, you will find a great mix of cross country and downhill trails. The climbs will be rewarded with amazing views of Perth city in the distance.

Blue Cruiser loop

For a xc loop, the Blue Cruiser loop provides a great loop with plenty of climbing to get you started and then as you head to the south side of the park more fun singletrack loops all the way back around the creek line at the bottom of the hill to the car park.

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Goatfarm downhill trails

To get to the top of the downhill trails either follow the push-up track which is marked or ride the blue cruiser to the top of the hill. From the “Nipple” you have a choice of several different downhill tracks that will all end on the creek line at the bottom of the park.

The skills loop and jump track east of the main car park are a great way to start a ride or improve your skills.

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