By Enduro, we mean Gravity Enduro. This new race format has brought to life a whole different style of racing.

It’s a racing format that everyone can enjoy but rewards riders who are both technically skilled as well as race fit. Coupled with a relaxed format and a great social aspect, this new style of racing is something every mountain biker should try. Gravity Enduro is held over 4 to 6 different timed stages that are predominantly downhill and anywhere from 2-8 minutes long. The winner is the person with the lowest combined total time for all of the runs.


Other than the majestic trees and great climate, Pemberton is a great place because of the easy access to such awesome trails. There is a multitude of different options with something to suit all styles of riders and for those who want a lift to the top you can drive to the top of the Pump Hill trails.


Linga Longa

Our staff rate the private Linga Longa Bike Park as the best enduro trails in WA so get your skills up and enter the next WAGE event to experience these awesome trails.


Kalamunda Trail Network

For ease of access, the best trails to get your skills up and fitness right are the trails off the top of Mount Gungin; Lazarus, Judderbars and Loco En El Coco. Or to get your fitness in check Golidlocks, Riding Three Bears and Mercury Street as fast as you can, will be eight or more minutes of lung-busting fun.

The Kalamunda Collective is now running shuttle days at Mount Gungin and for less effort you can get multiple (20 or more) runs down the hill to improve your skills and have a heap of fun.