Want to know the best trails in WA? Whether you’re after super fast and flowy singletrack or a nice easy loop as a gentle introduction to mountain biking, we know all the top spots.

At Wembley Cycles, we live and dream mountain biking. It is not only our day job but also our favourite weekend activity and between us, I think it’s fair to say we have ridden every trail in WA. So if you’re new to the sport, new to WA, or just want to try out some new trails, check out our list of carefully curated trail recommendations. There’s something here for everyone and we think you’ll love them just as much as we do. Remember, we are always happy to chat mountain biking, so come into the shop anytime and one of our staff members will be happy to help you out with suggestions on where to ride.

Search by our recommendations or location to find the best trails for you in WA. Have fun!

  • Perth's best trails

The Kalamunda Trail Network

The proximity to Perth, easy to navigate maps and signs, and beautiful, varying terrain make the Kalamunda Trail Network our top pick for the best riding near Perth. Whilst the main 22km loop, the Kalamunda Circuit may be challenging for beginners it is definitely doable, with B lines on all difficult obstacles and there are several shortcuts.

  • Our top pick for trails outside Perth

Best trails outside Perth – Margaret River

Margaret River has become one of our all time favourite places to ride. If you can spare a 2.5-hour drive, there are more than enough rewards – the picturesque and perfectly constructed trails, abundant trail styles, plus the endless post ride choices – brewery, winery, speciality coffee, chocolate shop, beach…whatever your heart desires post-ride, its here in Margaret River.

Best trails for beginners

New to the sport? Here are our top picks for some easy loops. Remember to keep your tyre pressure low, under 35psi, if the gravel is loose and dry.. Have fun.

  1. Kalamunda Trail Network – Beginners Loops
  2. Dwellingup – Marrinup Trail Loop
  3. Jarrahdale – Beginners Loops

The best 50km + circuits

Training for an event? Or just want to get the extra kms into those legs? While all rides will add to your fitness, here are a few that will test your endurance while keeping you from going around the same old loops.

  1. Dwellingup 100 trails
  2. Kalamunda 50/50
  3. Kalamunda coles ride

Best enduro trails

By Enduro we mean Gravity Enduro. This new race format has bought to life a whole different style of racing. Its a format that everyone can enjoy but rewards riders who are both technically skilled as well as race fit. Coupled with a relaxed format and a great social aspect, this new style is something every mountain biker should try.

Best family day out trails

There are several great trails out there to ride as a family and introduce your kids to mountain biking. These are our favourite.

  1. Langford Park, Jarrahdale
  2. Marrinup, Dwellingup
  3. Heritage Trail, John Forest
  4. Skills Park, Kalamunda Trail Network

WA’s most scenic trails

While we may be biased, for us there is nothing more enjoyable than being out on your bike in the forest, early in the morning, kangaroos bouncing across the trails, mist rising in the hills, riding some awesome single track with your friends. Here are our top picks.

  1. Pemberton
  2. Borunup Forest – Margaret River
  3. Mt Clarence – Albany
  4. Dwellingup
  5. WOW trail, Denmark


Pemberton is a beautiful little old timber town. This is a personal favourite of Wembley Cycles with a staff trip there in 2015 giving us a few days riding all the trails. The trails here require plenty of climbing but every climb is rewarded with great descents and some really techy singletrack. We stayed at the Pump Hill Farm Stay Cottages which meant we could roll straight out the door and be at the top of the Pump Hill trails to start our ride.

Langford Park, Jarrahdale

Langford Park in Jarrahdale is a perfect destination for beginner and advanced riders alike. The flowy singletrack with minimal climbing is a great introduction to people just getting used to the sport and can be super fast for those with experience.

  • Perth's Best Trails

Kalamunda Trail Network

Whether you are after countless kilometres of super flowing singletrack, big jumps and technical terrain (complete with the ability to shuttle run), easy gentle beginner loops or a mix of everything, the Kalamunda Trail Network has something to suit every style and ability. In addition to the fabulous trails, the network weaves its way through the beautiful natural hills landscape taking in a variety of ecosystems and showcasing the beauty of the WA bush.

  • Close to Perth
  • Perfect for all abilities

The Goatfarm

The Goatfarm could be described as a misunderstood gem. It is fair to say that while there are green and blue trails here, it is more difficult than most other trail networks because of the steeper climbs and descents. However, you will find a great mix of cross country and downhill trails. The climbs will be rewarded with amazing views of Perth city in the distance.


Less than 90 minutes from the centre of Perth, the small forest town of Dwellingup has plenty to offer for all mountain biking abilities. The pretty town also has a mix of cafes and shops for you to enjoy a post ride coffee and meal or if you need to cool down check out the picturesque Lane Poole Reserve.

  • Perth Rail Trails

Railway Heritage Loop Perth Hills

A long flat off road ride that is family friendly and offers ample opportunities to see the natural and heritage sites in the Perth Hills. This loop does not include any difficult technical features and can be ridden on a Mountain bike or Cyclocross bike.

Forsyth’s Mill

Great for a group with mixed riding ability, Forsyth’s Mill packs in loads of features with no major climbs but lots of log rolls, berms and jumps, all which are optional. The trail can be ridden fast and hard with advanced riders making the most of the sweeping single track, rolling table tops and shore-style features, whilst beginners will enjoy the minimal elevation change and flowing style.

  • Personal Favourite of Wembley Cycles


Pemberton is a beautiful little old timber town. For us, there is no single trail that we agree stands out because we all have a different favourite. For this reason, plan a weekend away with your mates or your family and enjoy exploring all of them. You can also ride the Munda Biddi and enjoy some great scenery and a ride out to Big Brook Dam for a swim.

Margaret River

Set in the majestic Karri and Marri forests amidst gigantic trees and spectacular scenery, coupled with enough diverse trails to satisfy complete novices right through to expert riders, the Margaret River trails have quickly become arguably the State’s best riding destination.