Yuba E-Bikes at Wembley Cycles

We are pleased to announce that we have added two new brands to our range of E-Bikes at Wembley Cycles.  To compliment the market leading Specialized Turbo range (Levo, Kenevo, Vado and Como) we are now stocking Yuba and Focus E-Bikes.

Two completely different styles of bikes, Yuba and Focus give us a great range with an E-Bike for every purpose.

John and Felicity have purchased a Yuba Boda Boda to use for the up coming school year.  The Boda Boda offers freedom and flexibility for getting the family out and about.  With room for two children on the back and a range of accessories to set it up to suit your needs it is the perfect bike for families who want to get out in the sunshine and lead a healthy active lifestyle.  The Shimano Steps motor gives plenty of power and offers up to 100kms range on a single charge.  John and Felicity have kitted the bike out with several accessories including the Yepp Maxi child seat and the Monkey bars to make sure the children are both safe and comfortable.  The basket on the front is large enough to fit all the essentials.

Safety and comfort for both passengers

The Shimano Steps motor provides ample power and range and the support of the biggest company in the bike industry.

John and the boys enjoying our morning trip to the cafe.


Check out the full range of Yuba bikes at www.yubabikes.com  Alongside the Boda Boda is the Yuba Spicy Curry.  The Spicy Curry offers the Bosch motor and a lower rear rack for larger cargo and better stability.  Call today to arrange a viewing or for more information.