Too hot to mountain bike? Here is our top pick for where to mountain bike when its too hot in Perth


Summer is officially upon us, and for some, that means hanging up the mountain bike for a few months.  For myself, I’d take boggy gravel, the swarming flies, and sweltering heat over bucketing rain any day.  But is hanging up the bike the only option when summer hits in earnest?  What trail options are out there for those who don’t want to let the bike gather cobwebs over the next few months?

Firstly option; set the alarm early.  Getting out before the heat helps, and leaves plenty of time for lazing around the pool and downing an iced coffee.  Perhaps a better option, though, is to head south.

Pemberton is fast becoming a mountain bike destination.  And while the mountain bike park is the obvious choice, it certainly is not the only one.  Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on offer.

Mountain Bike Park

Head for the swimming pool to find an ever-expanding network of trails.  At last count, there were 29 trails, and over 30 km of single track.  The park houses abundant single track, interesting features, challenging climbs and skills development trails.  Best of all, the stunning karri forest provides ample shade, and the swimming pool provides welcome cool relief at the conclusion of your ride.

Gloucester Tree

Head south on the Munda Biddi to find an awesome descent built by Three Chillies Trail Design.  Incorporate it into a longer ride, or do loops down the descent and back up the road.

Pemberton to Big Brook Dam and Return

Starting at the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park, this ride takes you alongside the Lefroy Brook.  It utilises old fire roads, tracks and the Big Brook Dam trail.  Again, the forest is stunning, and Big Brook Dam provides an awesome spot for a picnic lunch and a swim.  It’s also easily accessible by vehicle, so if you’re down with family or friends not so keen on a ride, they can meet you there.  Be mindful that these a multi-use trails, shared by walkers, horses and mountain bikers.  It’s usually pretty quiet, though.

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For avid, or even novice, racers, Pemberton, in conjunction with Perth Mountain Bike Club, is hosting Rounds 5 and 6 of the Cross Country National Series.  Entries are open on the MTBA website, or just head down to see some of Australia’s best XCO riders battle it out on two unique courses, from 27-28th January, 2018.